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"CLARITY" is a brand new album from LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal)

The new album comprises 11 unique tracks that incorporate elements of funk, soul, jazz and hiphop with love, struggle and passion, the album is a reflection of the challenges and changes we have experienced in our journey of life and music.
Pondering about the direction of our lives, and through the process of making the album, our goals and things we want to achieve in life have become a lot clear, and so we sincerely hope the album could help you clarify what you want in your everyday life.

We thank everyone who have supported us through thick and thin, and a big love goes out to those who have taken a part in making this album, we just want to say that it has been a true blessing for us to work with you all.

Bandcamp release - 24/07/2014
South Korea - 28/08/2014 via LINK6
Japan - Oct/2014 via GOONTRAX



instagram: @leehahn, @adikkal

for all enquiries: LHAmusic@gmail.com


released July 24, 2014

Produced by LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal)
Music production by Leehahn
Lyrics by Adikkal
Guest lyrics, vocals, rap by Indighost, Suavess, Moka Only, Substantial, Jordan Rake,i, 2Deep, Danilo Ray, Kimberly Aviso
Additional Keyboard by Nehzuil (Track7)
Artwork by Nan Artist, Inus Kim
Mixed & Mastered by Leehahn


all rights reserved



LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal) Sydney, Australia

LHA (LeeHahn & Adikkal) are a soulful hip hop duo from Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Salute to the Skies (ft. Suavess., Indighost)
<verse 1 - Adikkal>
eyes can't pierce through the rain
through the fog the cloud and the grey
30 odd days of grey paved the way for me to stay
told you I'd be back and so I came
the *** ticks in slow motion
the days fly by and make a mockery of time
the older you get the less time you've got left
but the faster it passes,
seems with each breath a year has crept by
walked out of the shadows & into the light
now 'm living in the what is
instead of in the what ifs
I'm sitting in the same space with my game face
dreaming of a better future in a new place
but for now I count down the days
until my release, until I'm set free

<hook - Adikkal>
I'm sending a salute to the skies
I'm sending a salute to the skies
and I can, I will, I do what I feel
nobody's gonna take that away from me

<verse 2 – Suavess>
wake up to the morning breeze
& keep my eyes shut man the sun is awfully bright
i gotta beat the headache & try rise
got a minute to complete the memories i write
'cause I'm in a place i 'aint ever seen before
goin' to a place i 'aint ever been before
it's sorta like something i saw in a dream before
but its real i can feel my feet hit the floor now
each day i'm a little more worn out
gotta keep pace on a whirl wind tour
keep facing the world with a little more thought
got an eye to the sky and an ear to the wall, yep
I got the whole *** world at my doorstep
& i'm thinkin' of home man, thats bullshit
I gotta not get nostalgic it’s like a drug
& it’s clouding what lies in front, so eyes up


<verse 3 – Indighost>
I don't wanna sit by watching the world spin,
Ima get lost in the whirlwind
Lift off with a bit of resolve,
Won't stop til I finish it off, I'm determined
To keep working and searching
For a little bit of somethin with purpose
So I work shifts & I burn spliffs
Trying to make a mark as a wordsmith
Tryin to make this art I'm immersed in
While I play no part of this circus
Cos I'd rather shoot hoops than jump through em
Set goals & pull myself up to em
That's right ima set my sights, sky high for the rest of life
On a quest to fly..
And express my mind as I ride through the best of times
Track Name: Hyperspace (ft Moka Only, Jordan Rakei)
<verse 1 - Moka Only>

<hook - Jordan Rakei>
It's the age of hyperspace
where the world is changing through it's own demise
It's the age of hyperspace we don't know each other through
innocent lies

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
Change, that's the only thing that don't change
It's a constant evolution of the brain
From the printing press, now the internet
We got wifi and iphones to interject
With that beep beep, now we're in deep,
scrollin' thru that news feed before we sleep
These interactions - eternally passive
They give us the illusion we're socially active
Even when we are we're still distracted, face to face book
Man, we got all that backwards
Out with friends, can't kick that habit
Must Instagram or Tweet or Snapchat it
Nobody ever wants to be seen alone,
so they bury their head inside their phone
to stay connected, but they missing out
on the present, on the here and now


<verse 3 – Adikkal>
I'm still tryna figure out the scene,
grappling with the irony of a connected society
On one hand we're more connected than we ever been
But on the other, it's all done through a screen
People don't call no more they prefer to text
In 140 characters or less
I guess I'm contemplating the effects on us
Will it develop until we see an exodus
of people rejecting it? Searching for a simpler time
When they used to sit alone and look at the sky
Now they got a photograph it, put it online
And get notified every time they get a like
Sometimes I wanna disconnect us, just so we can be more connected
Take time with those thoughts reflected
Instead of being caught in distorted methods

Track Name: Hypnotize (ft. 2Deep, Danilo Ray)
<verse 1 – 2Deep>
Ok, lets get em I met this lady and she was so fine
Everything i ever wanted, she's a perfect dime.
She’s the kind to compliment my grind so the moment that our eyes met i had to make her mine. ***~
I mean her body shape the number 8
She the type of girl that make your mind state shake.
I’m losing control, I’m grabbing ahold but when I’m with her I’m bound to let go. Hypnotized the way that I’m feeling when we alone with her body revealing. Chillin’ we doing what we wanna do, marriott room with the harbour side view. Uh uh she makes life so good
Holding me down when no one else would.
She got me twisted and its never gonna change
This is crazy but maybe adding moon up on her name. Ok!

<hook – Danilo Ray>
The way you walk, the way you speak
The way you go about your week
it’s got me hypnotized, girl

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
***, that's all I'm thinking when she walks by
a twinkle in her eye she flicks her hair to the side
I can't believe my eyes so I decided to give it a try
as I glided right up beside her and said "Hi"
she looked a bit surprised,
tried to tell me that she didn't have the time
in other words she politely declined
but listen baby I ain't like the other guys
I kept on walkin with her, talkin until
I had her laughing I could see that I was cracking the seal
I let her know just how I happened to feel
and proposed the possibility of grabbin a meal
and I waited whilst she deliberated
looking at her body had me thinking about her naked
her eyes looked up at the sky
then she looked back at me and she said “alright”

Track Name: Want to Be
<verse 1 – Adikkal>
I walk the tightrope, hoping that I don't fall
and let it all go like I've done before
so I focus and try to do the best I can
but these temptations can really test a man
and honestly, I give into them
self loathing because I broke the continuum
and that's the reason I feel guilty when I rest
like I'll never progress unless I'm sitting at my desk
and so i'm on my grind until the day that I die
or at least till the moment that it's breaking my vibe
I let it lapse at the time that it really matters
a lifestyle summarised by snakes and ladders
so part of me is simply saying that I've gotta chill
cos it's an ongoing struggle and you've gotta build
sometimes I shut it out but it's got me still
I gotta deal with the consequence of what I feel

<hook - Adikkal>
I’m still fighting forces that are pulling me away
Focus is a battle that I’m fighting every day
I trade in my future for today
I fall of course, but I’ll rise again

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
I wanna maintain peace when the seas are rough
and exhale grief, not breathe it up
let my ego step aside
and let my fear subside
so I know this is a battle every day that i'm fighting
and I just wanna find balance of the forces inside
they're pushing me and pulling me
and I'm tryna reconcile
that it's OK to go wild once in a while
I can party when I want get fucked up if I please
I can chill out if that's what I need
but it's a balance that I need to achieve
so I can be the man that I really want to be
and live the lifestyle that I dream of
set myself up with my resource
and think about the days that I wasted away
with a smile cos I know that I made it

Track Name: In the Smoke (ft. Nix, Danilo Ray)
<verse 1 – Nix>

<hook – Danilo Ray>
Nothing but a demon
Nothing but a soulless shadow
Nothing but a demon
Nothing but a world so cold

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
in the smoke, the shadow of his life
the euphoria he'd find in the pipe
he'd fight the need,
a beast who desired to feed
set free with a pipe and a G
in the smoke, the figures of friends
who sat and watch him descend
into the shell that he became in the end
a trail of lies and many tears in the eyes
they stood by his side
and watched him decline
he'd pushed friends away and was likely to slip
it's hard to shake hands with the pipe in your grip
and that's part of the reason I put the mic in my fist
cos I don't wanna see him ruin his whole life with this ***
and I know that we ain't perfect but I'm seeing you slipping away
so i'ma break the fucking pipe and get in the way
and I'm hoping that you're hearing what I've got to say
as we watch the smoke blow away

<hook – Danilo Ray>

<outro – Danilo Ray>
Nothing but a demon
Nothing but a soulless shadow
Nothing but a feeling
Nothing but a world so shallow
Track Name: Walk Alone
<verse 1 – Adikkal>

I'm seeing faces in reflections, hearing voices in the breeze
reminders of my bad decisions rustle in the leaves
my body aint a temple, it's an hourly motel
each stain upon the carpet is a memory of hell
inside i'm a sinner, on the outside i'm a saint
they're breaking through my armour but I'm touching up the paint
the world is spinning quickly, i'm just tryna find my place
looking in the mirror I've got lines upon my face
smoke inside my lungs again and lines upon my plate
my head up in the clouds and it's clouding up my space
manipulate my memories and push me out of phase
I'm running out of patience with the mirrors in the maze
waiting for the moment that my sins will wash away
but the voices in the breeze are telling me “not today”

<hook – Adikkal>
Today I walk alone
The places that I roam
I go to on my own
On my own

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
and so I'm over stressing, and I know it's depressing
but there's no point in obsessing over the questions
I've turned over every stone that I could now I'm done
I've turned over a new leaf but got lost in the sun
the warmth has got me stunned
I no longer wanna run and in that moment i'm calm
but in a moment it's gone,
and so a moment of peace reveals more than I could speak
how can I turn a moment into a week,
how can I keep momentum one step ahead of defeat
how can I practice what i preach when I'm lacking belief?
still oscillating between reality and a dream
wondering if I'ma find an equilibrium
or if I'm lingering in this position waiting for a signal to complete my mission
and for the final piece to fit in
I suppose I've frozen more than my prose
and let myself get exposed but that's the way that it goes

Track Name: Free (ft. Kimberly Aviso)
<verse 1 – Adikkal>
it's a movement and a method
it's my self expression it's why
I take the music and write
and that's the way that I create
and hopefully one day I make something
that'll say something
even if i'm paid nothing
if you relate then you're in the same place
on a mission to create in between washing dinner plates
so where my writers and my dancers?
taking circumstances in their own hands
just to elevate the standards,
the photographers and the filmmakers & the artists
on the grind and they’re still hustling the hardest
it’s that moment when your in the zone
and for me it’s on stage when I’m rockin the microphone
from spending nights alone honing your craft
to that moment when you open your heart
it's a freedom that helps me to see
it's a opportunity to be free

<hook – Kimberly Aviso>
let if flow, hear what your heart wants to say
let it show, shine your bright sun ray
let it flow, throw your cares away
let it flow, let if flow, let it flow

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
so when I let it flow free I feel my mind ease
the words & concepts appear to me
it's like i'm in the ether and connecting with the teacher
telling me to be at peace inside and simply take a breather
when I do, I feel the fear subside
removing the illusion and I feel inspired
weightless, floating into places
creative in their nature with beauty in their faces
and in the stillness I chill - fearless
there's a real appeal when I hear this vibration
like the bass shaking my spirit loose
I relax and smile as my spirit move
if you listen real close you can feel it too
it's that true substance that's filling you
and me, connecting the scenes,
it's here there and in between

Track Name: Have I Ever
<verse 1 – Adikkal>
I see her grappling
and she lose grip on the sides
and she falls
and like to say that I understand
but I don't
I see the mood slip
with the flick of a switch
only I don't know where the switch is
so I ask cos I really wanna know
but the words can't pass by that lump in her throat
then I see a black dog sit down by her side
and I reach out pet it but it growls and it's eyes
show pain, they show self hate
they show me why no matter how I try I can't relate
they show the frustration that he can't express
no words no breath just hopeless distress
so I step back and I move away slow
pondering on what i've learned
how little I know
and although i've never stepped foot in her shoes
I can see how they hurt
how they blister and bruise

<hook – Leehahn & Adikkal>
I don’t know what more I can do to love you
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant to hurt you

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
so hard to watch but even harder to live
and I know it aint my problem, but part of it is
it's a weight, and a wave, a storm and a cave
it's the force that compels you to reach for the blade
or maybe it's the pain that you suffer inside
the one you try hide when you're pullin the blinds
but it's alright, you're not alone, no way, no how
no matter how bad you feel there's someone around
and I know there's days where you wanna fade away
into the grave to escape the pain
I know it feels like it's there to stay
but this is something I was made to say
I love you, even if I've never met you
and I'm hoping this is something you connect to
the dark days are a space you can get through
cos you know that you always got someone to express to


<bridge – Adikkal>
in the love in the pain and the
the feeling of the rain on ya
the spirit I awake in ya
soul we are one we are whole are made from the
same energy creating us
we will traipse through the stage with the
weight of the chains, though the weight is
a pain, it's made so we raise with it
Track Name: You'll See Someday
<verse 1 – Adikkal>
to blind us from the virus
that has worked it's way inside us
so long as we buy what we're told to buy
everything will be alright
provided that we follow the script
we'll happily ride on the sinking ship
still feeling the whip
and the clip mentality that's got us in the grip
the manipulation is so sophisticated
that we've become complacent
hypnotised by entertainment
we peer through the lens at the lives
of the rich and the famous - why?
reality TV actors manufactured into a package
opium for the masses to ensure we're all distracted
insecure and fractured as we chase after the status
it's a war on our thoughts
and they've brought this horse by force
to the water, right to the brink
but it's up the horse if the horse gon' drink
or the horse gon' kick
and they all gon' sink
those who forget history will repeat it
and thats just what they needed
our memory has been defeated
slipped away, swept up with the story of the day
but forgotten tomorrow,
what was I talking about anyway?

<hook – Leehahn & Adikkal>
I know you’ll see
I’m sure you’ll see someday

<verse 2 – Adikkal>
someday, I hope that we got the focus to notice
that time elapsed aint necessarily progress
so tell me happens to the history that's never written
to the victors go the spoils and the truth is their decision
and the rest? it's best to say
that it's swept away to yesterday
met the fate of better days
relegated to the extra page
and maybe I may be getting carried away
but it's safe to say we're unengaged
stumbling through the maze
our eyes are closed or they're glazed
and unless it comes with a catchy phrase
ain't no way I'll remember what you say
heads spinning like helicopter blades
our attention divided and conquered
it's drawn and quartered,
apportioned into the size of the profit
we had a mind but forgot it
in time we lost touch with the past
the hand that leads us forward
is the same that covers up the path
that we've passed by
and now we float in the stream
no direction or rudder no sense of where we are or where we've been


<verse 3 – Adikkal>
when did entertainment take the place of education?
when did journalism step aside for TV ratings?
when did we become complacent bout the information?
about the time we decided it's too complicated
why do we never see a criticism of the system?
when did opposition equate into terrorism?
how can a bank CEO pocket 50million?
when half the world are struggling just to make a living
why do we never see the truth on our televisions?
why are we apathetic followers with tunnel vision?
why do I channel my frustration into lyricism?
but never really feel like i'm making any difference
why are our attention spans now shorter than ever
why am I feeling like I'm living in V for Vendetta?
what is the meaning of these massive inequalities
i'm only saying it because someday I hope you'll see…
Track Name: What Could Have Been (ft. Substantial)
<verse 1 – Substantial>
We are the sums of the choices that we form
Imagine if I had of chose a gun over microphone
Or decided to run and leave my wife alone
Abandoning my daughter for fun on the night she born
What if I didn’t get help when my sister was beaten
Disregarding every yell while the hits were repeating
Like top 40 on your FM dial
What if I succumbed to fear... I was just a child
*** was scary, imagine if my mom was a visionary
Or if I took her advise to enlist in the military
Or when my homie needed me, I didn’t get in that car son
She’d be a loss one and I would be without a God son
What if I didn’t have men, to teach me in my father’s absence
‘Cause a woman teaching me to be a man is backwards
I guess we’re all the choices that we did or didn’t make
Holding fragile dreams I’m just grateful that didn’t break


<verse 2 – Adikkal>
Sometimes I wonder how it mighta looked today
if the dice rolled differently, the cards were played another away
what would've happened if I took a left and not a right?
I suppose I could've been a lawyer or a doctor right?
and if I never took the opportunity to go to Germany
then they'd have never heard of me
so it occurred to me that the lines are kind of blurred
between what you are and what you'd prefer to be
our lives are just a partly played game of connect the dots
that we keep playing until the day that it stops
some go in circles whilst others make a masterpiece
with a purpose and a sense of what there art could be
but it's all art to me, even if it's hard to see
there's beauty in madness it's a part of me
but it's all art to me, even if it's hard to see
there's beauty in madness it's a part of me


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