by LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal)

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LHA, Leehahn & Adikkal, a soulful producer / MC duo based in Sydney Australia. Korea born producer Lee-Hahn joins Australia born and bred emcee Adikkal in this cross cultural collaboration of hiphop and soul. LHA offer a unique brand of hiphop that connects with more than lovers of hip hop, but speaks to lovers of music in general..
This album is a 14 track debut album by LHA in 2011




released August 17, 2011

Lyrics by Adikkal
Music Prod by Leehahn
Guest DJ & Scratch by DJ Cbay, DJ Dlect
Guest Vocal by KOO, Diolita, 2Deep
Guest Guitar by Nikko, MK Kang, Seong-won Lee
Mix&Master by LeeHahn
Artwork by Nan the Artist



all rights reserved


LHA (Leehahn & Adikkal) Sydney, Australia

LHA (LeeHahn & Adikkal) are a soulful hip hop duo from Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Rise Up
From the beats, to the streets
to each and everyone
that's come for fun we're here
outta nowhere appeared
to a cheer from our peers
cos they like what they hear
from the far to near the bass drum in their ear
to the hats and the sax, the raps, catch the flow
sharper than an axe, the reaction whoa,
your synapses snap and explode
what a crack to the bones
a ZAP to attack your soul

Rise Up
All of those that keep hating
Keep waiting, keep suffering from de-motivation
Rise Up
This goes to those who know that
We can’t be held back
Rise Up
We got the vision to lead,
We’ve got the will to achieve our dreams
Rise Up
We keep our heads high and we rise

I feel the vibe building
from the women and children
from the floor to the ceiling
avoid those who bring you down
cos they act like a ball and chain to contain,
instead of trying to improve they just bitch and complain
thats why they remain the same and don't change
cos they can't break out of the frame
their life so mundane as they cast blame
to explain how they became so set in their ways

Rise Up
All of those that keep hating
Keep waiting, keep suffering from de-motivation
Rise Up
This goes to those who know that
We can’t be held back
Rise Up
We got the vision to lead,
We’ve got the will to achieve our dreams
Rise Up
We keep our heads high and we rise

we've all been there before,
and i'm calllin out cos I need some help
a post mortem of the fall to outline the root cause
to ensure I don't ignore the law of gravity anymore
what goes up, must come down
and i'm taking a parachute the next time round
the end ain't always the end
more an opportunity to start over again
Track Name: This is Your Life (ft. Cbay, Diolita)
ll i ever seem to feel is frustration

adjacent to the dream that i'm chasing

facing the fact that i'm not that dope

self doubt, selling out, trading in my hope
 for negative mindsets,
the mic gets trashed
 and I get smashed, forget to write tracks

my raps don't catch, the mic gets axed

next time maybe I should focus on the cash

procrastinate and become a hater

make up excuses why I am a failure

all of the time I said i'd do it later
should've been in touch with the main motivator

wait a minute, fates a litte bit of a bitch

but which situation would you currently switch?

pick up the pieces i've thrown away

sitting at home on my own today

is as good a time as any to get it back together

stop reacting, instead start planning my actions

my passion is music, so it's about fucking time I used it 
the truth is, dedication is fleeting

and often I feel like i'm under achieving

competing in the bogus hocus pocus about who's the dopest

then I remember that I wrote this and my hope is reignited

cos I might just have the fight inside I idolised

revitalised, I decide to write a rhyme

inspired by the idea that my ears might clear

and the rhythm right here might make the crowd cheer

this is your life, 
it's my life

so live it now,

this is your life, 
you only get one life

so step into the spotlight

I sit listenin, still driftin, siftin 
still on a mission to deliver my vision

but i'm blind, need a guide to wake me

break me from the shackles, shake me up
ake me on a ride to get the ball rollin'

cos the fire inside has been stolen

now i'm pedalling this cycle of self denial

the more I keep riding the more I get tired
 up uninspired,
somebody tell me why, 
is it because I ain't done *** with my life?

a wise man heard this, he said "the purpose of life is a life of purpose"
and I thought 'maybe that's why I felt worthless'
i'd make it work if i persevered
through the fear and the apathy

now i've got a strategy to reach in the cavity, break out of the gravity

that'll be the day that I deliver on my dreams

now free to be what I always wanted to be

dismissing the resistance and shifting positions

now i'm in the mix it's just a matter of persistence

I know i'll go the distance,

driven by the wisdom of those who are with this
his is the path for greatness to grow

the dizzying highs to the perilous lows

you only get one shot at living and greatness ain't given

on a platter, as a matter of fact

you gotta shatter the barriers that are holding you back

i've got a plan of attack

and this track is a testament to that

this is your life, 
it's my life

so live it now,
this is your life,

you only get one life

so step into the spotlight
Track Name: You are Like the Star
we first met in a work context
i’d flirt and her breasts had me thinking of sex
but I’ve got to keep it cool, play it professional
so I don’t come off as a fool
how do I mix this tuition with flirty intermissions?
I gotta listen to my intuition
But I’m leaving soon, I make it obvious I’m leaving the room
I see she’s making moves so I walk real slow
To the elevator make a move and then go
“What you doing this afternoon? I’m thinking me and you
goto the beach and drink brew”
who would have thought she’d be with it?
In a minute we’d visit my side of town
Sit down chill out,
What an unexpected way, to end my day
I plant a kiss on her lips and say

You are like the star that shines

The next time, like a copy of the first time
Except by now, I know we’re bout to get down
I can feel it when we kiss with the lock of the lips
The electricity hits and it’s hard to resist
The next day,I cruise by her work place
Creep away for some loving on a lunch break
We met by the harbour,
nothing I’d rather do than be in the sunshine with you
the kissing and hugging has got me bugging so much
I’m feeling the rush every time that we touch
It’s not enough I want more
But for now it’s back to my job
How can I focus on spreadsheets
When all I’m thinking bout is getting her in my bedsheets
Like “ooo so sexy”,
She sent one text which led to the next,
The sort of sex I could never forget

You are like the star that shines

One two three four five I lost count
Of the times we got down, times we hung out
From beer to win to getting high and getting food
To you and me putting together a BBQ
It is what it is and I’m enjoying each day
Cos I know some day you gonna up and fly away
You’re leaving soon, but now I think I’m needing you
But this embrace has a time and a place
And it makes me happy but I ain’t gonna chase
Put my hand on your waist
And brush the hair off your face
Like you’re my girl and I may just leave it all up to fate
I said I wasn’t ready for another relationship
But you and me connect there’s no escaping it
Pull me out of my head and into you
As you think about the crazy things we do

You are like the star that shines
Track Name: New World (ft. Koo, Cbay)
situation at hand as we land at my predicament
it’s something that I learned a lot from but now I’m sick of it
ridiculous the way that I was played and turned
time passed by but the fire still burned
but as it flickered, I gradually started to figure
became bitter at the thought that she didn’t consider
the needs of another, maybe she did
but the self centre nature creates a real big beautiful hole
it’s what I call this mould of feelings,
together forever but the exteriors peeling
dealin with issues like this on the regular
she knows it herself and I’ve said it in front of her face
the reaction? Acceptance. At least she’s aware
how the insecure knew a way to get me over there

Don’t look back,
Don’t be afraid to step up

I was lost and longing hanging onto a thread
A cacophony of sounds swirled around in my head
All the while I endured a method of madness
See-sawing in between the happiness and sadness
I had this feeling, what was it she was stealing?
Half of my heart had heaved and I was reeling
Ready. To take my heart back I was steady
Then it came apart like a cracker of confetti
Infatuation had me waiting so long
To say that I was strung along wouldn’t be wrong
So many songs on the way I was feeling
Page after page just replaying the feelings
Dealing with the same ***, the lame ***
Make me rack my brain ***
The pleasure and the pain flowin in the same with the love
It’s a shame that I couldn’t rise above

Don’t look back,
Don’t be afraid to step up

It’s a new world, I got a new girl
And I’m happily travelling with the speed of a javelin
The process of the hopeless best left to the young
When did under the wing become under the thumb?
The sun sets on those days and I
feel like all the lines that I wrote when my throat was choked
so devoid of hope, when all I did was mope
should be made into a track for you people to play
and if you can relate to what I say
I hope you ain getting played in the same way
Shameful maybe now paraded plainly
It’s part of what made me who I am today
Track Name: Sound of Music (ft. Diolita)
Come on float with a note that spoke to me
Like the rhythm that I’m hearing in the rustle of the leaves
It’s a breeze that sweeps through my soul
Clear out the doubts that hold back my goals
From manifesting, I get that feeling in my chest when
Then bass shakes away the congestion
And this is my confession
Pump me up or come soothe me
But if I’m jumping up the come move me
Choose me to be the man on a mission to stand
With the mic in my hand to hype all the fans
Like bam here I am to embody the beat
To be the ants in your pants and the rhythm in your feet
When you hear it it hits, feel the lift into overdrive
To provoke your mind

It’s the sound that I feel
In the music deep within
That nurtures my soul

It’s the love that I’ve found
In the freedom of the sound
Awakening me whole

These days I don’t know which ways the right way
A wake up call could now set me straight
Got a few habits that I need to break
Shake the foundations, pull it all away
And see what we’re made from
This road was paved on openness,
Now I’ve lost focus
But the sound of music,
Nurtures my soul.

It’s the sound that I feel
In the music deep within
That nurtures my soul

It’s the love that I’ve found
In the freedom of the sound
Awakening me whole
Track Name: Sun is Shinin'
theres only one moment 
and that moment is now
no past no future
no ins and outs
the mistakes we make 
create our fate
and i'll be damned if I will ever take the bait
make my own track even if it's wrong
I belong to the path that I'm on
history might be written by the victor
a thousand words to create the picture
i'm on a journey
just as the world keep turnin
i'm still learning the lessons as I go
and I may never know
how much I don't know
how much I will grow
how can I reload
and be ready for life like a tiger
with stripes and agility
strike like a viper
I am a virus
getting inside ya
just like to make your life a little more vibrant

when the sun is shinin
and my eyes are vibrant
got a smile that i just can't hide
and it reminds me of the good times

moonlight reflects in my iris
and i pen my rhymes to papyrus
move like a virus into your head
and raise the dead like Osiris
thats that spirit that I like to see
that moment in time to let your mind fly free
escape the stress and negativity 
and be just who you wanna be
no haters in the place and we silenced the critics
erased the fakes and inspired the cynics
make no mistake you feel the fire within it
you think it's hot now? I ain't finished
I envisage life with diamonds in it
not because I like bling but the shine within it
it's the force that you feel when we're shinin
inspiring, vibin, to a life so vibrant
Track Name: At Last (ft. Cbay, 2Deep)
no place like home
no pain no gain
no time like the present
no shame to my game
you bet your bottom dollar
that i'm the big cheese
with an ace up my sleeve
i'm busy as a bee
like night and day
I got the right of way
bring a knife to a gun fight
bad mistake
I shoot to kill
for thrills and dollar bills
and I got the whole field reinventing the wheel
i'm second to none,
and your swimmin with the shark
runnin rings around you doughies in my car
I take it to the limit
so you better take 5
take one for the team
you got taken for a ride
take a break
take a breather
take a leak
take a number
wait in line and i'll serve you in a week
nothing to thumb you nose at
time to hit the road jack
you opened the gates, ain’t no way that you can go back

LHA and 2Deep
And we’ve got Lee Hahn up on the beat

2Deep verse

LHA and 2Deep
And we’ve got Lee Hahn up on the beat

Ay yo we’e expanding across the globe
Ya’ll know this *** is bout to explode
Ohh no, I thought I told you before
2Deep LHA we back for more
*** right, we’re here to steal the spotlight
blowin up the scene like dynamite
say BOOM, LHA, 2Deep/Adikkal we got bars for days!
Track Name: Let's Get Chimey (ft. Koo)
let's get chimey, you know where you might find me
locked up and it's time to untie me
kicking to the rhythm of the bass drum
fellas looking for the girls like “where they gone?”
so take one look at the dance floor brother
slam that drink down then buy another
its about this four on the floor
disco-funk to vibrate the walls
caught, within a vortex
and your next to get swept up with the rest
so get your back up off the wall
you should be dancing to the beat
the names Adikkal and im here to say
its time to move your feet
and with Lee Hahn here we’re bout to go
and turn up the heat

lets get chimey, yeh
come on let’s get crunk

chime in, chime out,
yeh i got my chime on now
with my iPhone out
no doubt about it the crowd was all about it
so I shouted louder just to get a little more rowdy
that's about the time
that the place lights up
touch the roof and then raise it up
too high, too low,
too many ways to go,
sip on a mai tai or a long island
iced tea, couple of those and you'll be chimey
mix it with the tunes in the room
and soon your like boom shake shake the room
back in 09 it was time to shine
but in 2011 it's all about the chime
from the womb to the tomb
from the cradle to the grave
there's only one way to behave

lets get chimey, yeh
come on let’s get crunk

let’s get chimey let’s get crunk
all my people down for what
Track Name: Keep It Movin' (ft. Dlect)
Lead Single of Album "Split Decision". Collaborated with Visual artist Parpunk. Watch the music video at
I go tick tock like the arm of a clock
When my hands on my glock and I’m poppin some shots off
The bar, cos I aint a gangsta
I’m a middle class guy from suburbia
Doin the 9 to 5 bit, the bide my time bit,
Till rhymes that I spit can help me buy ***
The suit and tie fit, but I despise it
I’d prefer to live my life in fly kicks
This aint just a dream when I’m stepping on the scene
And I’m reppin my team
Ladies at our shows who be lookin so fly
Pretty little lady got that look in her eye
I know what you are thinking
And you can buy me a drink this instant
Pretty girl got a sound to soothing
To keep improving and keep it movin

I keep it movin, movin
I keep it movin

Yo I’m back, and I’m sorry I left
But it was best that I let you all catch your breath
When I step on the stage expect I spit flames
Rejecting the lame and embracing the game
The name? Adikkal. The brain? Fanatical
The reign of LHA now firmly under way
*** being the guys that are humble and quiet
Look at the fire in my eyes man title is mine
We shine brighter and drink the cider from the rider
And all of you biters better get out the highlighter
I write a rhyme like a prize fighter throws a fist
You noticed I’m the dopest vocalist
Flows like water, rock and shock like a taser
I know that I’ve got the type of focus of a laser
Major league melodies have readily made ya
Develop energy and get you steadily raised up

I keep it movin, movin
I keep it movin
Track Name: Now or Never
I feel like i'm battling the clock
from the tick to the tock
time won't stop to watch me drop
I slip in and out
between the more and less
through the lens of the rose
but with the thorn in my chest
we keep vibin, enjoin life and smiling
dreaming of life on a paradise island
time enough to get so tied up
that when the time is up
I feel my mind is stuck
they say better to have loved and lost
than never loved at all right?
i know i'll be alright,
deadline got me looking at my watch
every time I think about it
got me looking at the loss
time, slips through my hand like grains of sand,
turn the hourglass over again,
I watch the sand fall but I know where I stand
inspired by life with the mic in my hand

You can do this now or never
No this life won’t last forever
Even if you know you’ll fall
It’s better than to not climb at all

You could do it now or never,
This life won’t last forever

i chose to embrace the days
and I suppose those moments I was swept away
had me blissed out, as if the here and now
was all i'd ever have but now i'm getting weirded out
to have to hold
keep us warm in the cold
is the story i told
that will never unfold
i'm old enough to know better
than to expect we'd stay together
better now than never
whatever, I knew what I was getting into
and it's true,
it's you it's me
it's the chemistry
it's a moment in time
and it was meant to be
but all things end eventually
the sun has to set before the stars will show
within the dark they glow,
as the darkness grows
while my heart beat fast
when you depart I know
that your a part of me
as i watch you go

You can do this now or never
No this life won’t last forever
Even if you know you’ll fall
It’s better than to not climb at all

You could do it now or never,
This life won’t last forever
Track Name: Everything (ft. Cbay)
baby let me say, I know theres some days that
make you wanna fade away
and you can't contain that
feelin of depression
the second guessing of every step
has got me stressing like you'd never expect
cos I can see the wave
when it takes you,
recreates you, shakes you down
and breaks you and makes you
stronger in the end,
you'll go through it again
I won't lie,
but you know that i'll be right by your side
work through the struggle
and get you outta trouble
when you're stuck in the rubble
i'ma do what I can
to be your man
and I might not understand
but i'll be the first to make you smile
and take you by hand
so when you feel like there ain't
no escape from the weight
just remember that tomorrow is a brighter day
theres little things in life that'll light the way
so anytime your feeling down you might hear me say…

you are my everything baby
I will never let you go
You are my everything
I will never let you go

I’m so lucky, I’m so free
The way you feel about me
So lucky I’m so free,
The way you feel about me
Track Name: Alright
too blinded by the light that shines out of our arse
too self absorbed
too even care to ask
about another,
too old to listen
to the wisdom
of your mother
two timin on your lover
too much money
but not enough time
too busy to be waiting in line
too many days been wasted away
with your head buried
in your black berry
wary of strangers
so for the remainder
of the bus ride home
you isolate and refrain from
makin eye contact or conversation
but who can blame them?
for this isolation
captured by these innovations
so oblivious to our situation
so take this here as an awakening
some information, that the world out there is waiting!

It’ll be alright

jaded, looking at life and i hate it
how come I haven't made it?
9 to 5 is over-rated
my energy deflated
and i'm hardly motivated
I could quote the party line verbatim
but inside i'm still debating
hesitating, contemplating
I feel tired in the eyes and i'm waiting
it's like i'm on the train
but i'm stuck at the station
starin into space I suddenly awaken
I see a man snappin pics
another couple are chattin away
up in the mix, the suns setting
and this momentary eclipse
has got me heading adrift
as I realise how much i've got in my life
and I guess I let stress get the best of me
perpetually testin me,
so the next time it steps to me
i'll kill it like a villain,
argggh who am I kidding?
i'll probably be in the same position

It’ll be alright

at the moment I feel like i'm not livin the high life
and even the high lights of life are too bright
turn the music down, it hurts my head
I just wanna sit around and curl up in my bed
no way that I can take on the world today
so just get outta my way
unless you want me to say
something rude, yeh i'm in a bad mood
and i've got an attitude
so what does that prove?
it won't prove nothing,
it proves that Im through with the bluffing
and pretending it's all good , I stopped rushin
when the truth is,
well the truth is useless
i've used up all the stupid excuses
so trapped by my own thoughts
I react to my own course
but I know more or less
music lets me express and get this *** off my chest
i'll turn the metal to gold, musical alchemist

it’ll be alright
Track Name: Let You Go
Wake up I’m still numb
Still felt like we’re still one
The light the warmth the life like the sun
But that life is done and I’ll likely shun
the wifey type I thought I’d won
but I did it, I quit it, avoided the visits
that ripped at my heart accepted that we’re apart
time for a fresh start now it’s all about me
invigorated with an incredible energy
the truth of the matter is I’m shattering the barriers of apathy
shedding the ties that once shackled me
no longer held by your gravity
they say love is blind, but it can be blinding
I needed reminding that I was declining
Kept pandering to your demands
And became less of a man

So while it hurts like hell for me to let you go
You letting me grow is gonna let me grow
Let me show you how I never meant to be slow
I’m inspired to connect with my glow

I’m contemplating places, thinking bout the faces
And how the day erases motivation when you’re going through the paces
I wanna be more courageous, putting pen to pages
Maybe than I may just make it
No longer am I faded, got rid of the haze when
I made the decision to give up the blazing
Maybe I’m complacent, maybe I’m lazy
Maybe I should never let it phase me
Or maybe I’m impatient, maybe I’m vacant,
Maybe I’m destined for greatness
Maybe I’m empowered maybe I’m sour
Maybe i’m the man of the hour
Maybe I’ve moved on maybe this new song is nothing but the truth
Up and away, this is what I’d like to say

So while it hurts like hell for me to let you go
You letting me grow is gonna let me grow
Let me show you how I never meant to be slow
I’m inspired to connect with my glow